Contactless Cards
Are Here!

Safer, Speedy, Way Less Icky!


Contactless Cards - Look Tap Go

Security | Speed | Convenience

Faster Transactions

  • You don't have to insert your card into the point-of-sale terminal and wait...Save time every time you tab.

Secure Transactions

  • Every chip transaction and every contactless transactions includes a unique code, helping to protect against fraud and keep your information safe.
  • The information on your card is protected by unique keys.
  • Contactless transactions only work within 1-2 inches from the point-of-sale terminal.

How To Use Your Contactless Card

  • Look for the contactless symbol on the payment terminal.
  • Tap your card to the front of the POS terminal.
  • Wait for a beep or green light before removing your card (you can put your card away - you won't need it again)
  • Follow any instruction on the screen (you might be asked to sign or to enter your PIN)

Your card will work everywhere!

You can be confident that your card will work everywhere around the world.  Depending on the location, you have options.

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